Throughout this blog, I’ll be sharing budgeting tips and what I’ve learned in paying of $76,000 of student loans.  Budgeting is just part of it, as I’m most passionate about the “root” of what gets us in debt to begin with, and fighting for contentment and joy in a culture that’s constantly telling us we need more.

How it all began…

Growing up, I was a kid who LOVED coming up with business ideas, selling anything I could get my hands on, and saving everything I made. I loved creating budgets and being frugal (I know, real life of the party!).

In high school, God really began to burden my heart for outreach, especially to local, low-income families. My heart was softened towards the needs of others all around me. I often wrestled through having so much while others had so little.

In college I read Radical, Taking Back Your Faith From the American Dream. The author, David Platt, asked the question “how much is enough?” The question of how much stuff, savings, and retirement is enough really stuck with me. This is an almost foreign concept in our culture that I think we should prayerfully consider.

I often wonder how our spending habits should change in light of eternity and the Great Commission.

As I wrestle through thoughts on this topic, my prayer is to shed light on our spending habits and our culture that makes us feel like we have to have bigger, better, and more.

As we “take back our faith from the American Dream” or, as my subtitle suggests, when we’re pursuing freedom from the love of money, we also find freedom from comparison and fear of man.

Imagine the difference we could make in our giving and impact to the world when we find this freedom. What would our neighbors and friends think if we view material things in light of eternity?

We’re here today and gone tomorrow. Will we care about all the stuff we’ve accumulated in this life when we get to Heaven or will we wish we would have been more Kingdom-minded?

Not only would we impact the nations through giving, we’d impact our neighbors with this rare mindset. Doing so cheerfully!! What?! I get excited just thinking about it! But don’t take my word for it. Check out the verses the vision and title of my blog were built on.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a “I can’t enjoy anything” mindset. I believe God’s made a beautiful world to enjoy. I love going shopping and buying cute clothes. I just think it’s important (and freeing!) to keep perspective, especially in our culture.

I have a lot to learn but I’m excited to see what God teaches me along the way.  I hope we can share ideas and foster a culture of viewing our finances in a new Light (see what I did there?). 😉

The person behind the writing:


Brief Bio:

I grew up in Charleston, SC, in a loving family of 5. I met my husband, Drew, serving the homeless, and we’ve been married since October 2013. He’s my complete opposite, best friend, and wonderful gift from God. We recently relocated to Atlanta where we enjoy trying new restaurants and exploring neighborhood hubs.

Just for fun…

Born in a van on the way to the hospital (eek!)

Home-schooled from kindergarten through 6th grade

Love deep friendships

Heart tugs toward adoption and people in need

Laugh at my own jokes

Interested in simple living and margin

Pursue healthy lifestyle through what I eat, rest, and exercise

Bribed by dark chocolate and Starbucks


That’s all for now, folks.



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