Let the Journey Begin!


I’m so excited to begin this blog, as my dream of 5 years is finally coming true!

I’ve had a dream to be a voice about the way we view our resources for many years but because of fear, and lack of dedication to pursue it, I postponed.

As my passion for budgeting, stewardship, and giving has increased, I believe this tug at my heart is from God. I think He’s placed this desire in me and has created these interests for a purpose.

So here I am. Starting a blog. I’ll post budgeting tips I’ve learned from our journey of paying off $76,000 of student loans, but I’m most passionate about sharing perspective on avoiding debt and the “root” of what gets us in debt to begin with.

I’ll also highlight the needs of others in hopes that we’re constantly keeping perspective on how our resources, when viewed in light of eternity, can make a significant impact.

I aim to create a supportive community where you come away encouraged that you’re not alone in your financial journey. Whether you need to pay off debt, desire to be more intentional with your budget, or aim to grow in stewardship in general, I want us to support each other.

Let’s ask questions, laugh with each other, and be transparent.

Thanks for your grace along the way!


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